Aspirators for the nose and ears for babies are intended for safe and quick removal of mucus and secretions from the nose and ears in children from the first days of life. aspirator efficiently i cleans effortlessly i absorbs discharge from the farthest areas of the nasal cavity and the inside of the ears.

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Nasal aspirator

A nasal aspirator is a device that helps remove mucus from the nose. This device is becoming more and more popular because it greatly facilitates and improves the process of cleaning the nose. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from allergies or colds and need to keep their nose clean. The nasal aspirator can also be used by parents with young children who often have a stuffy nose due to colds and allergies. The device is easy to use, safe and effective in removing nasal secretions so that they can be properly disposed of.

Nasal aspirators are typically small, handheld, and easy to use. There are two main types of nasal aspirators:

  • Aspirators handmade: These aspirators work by sucking nasal secretions with your mouth. One end of the aspirator is inserted into the child's nose, and the other end is sucked into the mouth of the caregiver, who sucks lightly, removing secretions.

  • Aspirators mechanical: Mechanical aspirators operate on the principle of suction using a pump mechanism or batteries. They are equipped with soft tips that are inserted into the child's nose. When the device is turned on, a negative pressure is created, which removes nasal secretions.