Magnetotherapy It is used to treat various diseases such as arthralgia i muscles, tissue damage, inflammation, problems with the osteoarticular systemas well as in the process rehabilitation after injuries and operations. It is assumed that the magnetic field may affect blood flow, stimulate tissue healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

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Magnetotherapy what is it?

Magnetotherapy is a type of therapy that has been used successfully all over the world since the XNUMXth century in the treatment of pain, inflammation, and in the process of accelerating the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds. In the past, home magnetotherapy devices were characterized by large dimensions and expensive production costs, so that these treatments could be used by a very small group of patients.

Today, thanks to the development of technology and the hard work of Polish engineers, access to this valuable technology is much easier. The Teslomag is an extremely handy home magnetotherapy device that is so small that it can be used anywhere with access to a mains power supply.

Magnetotherapy at home - Teslomag

The magnetic field has been used for several decades in the treatment of many diseases. Unfortunately, the high cost of devices used in health centers and the complicated operation limit the availability of this valuable therapy.

Many people who have had the opportunity to take advantage of treatments prescribed by specialists have already found out about the effectiveness of magnetotherapy. Most often they are a series of 10 treatments lasting 10 minutes. Patients often feel better after them, but the real effects, as confirmed by clinical trials, often occur with much more use of the device.

Thanks to the Teslomag device, we can carry out treatments on our own, without leaving home. In the event of an emergency, having the device in your home medicine cabinet, you can start therapy almost immediately, without waiting for the disease to develop. In the case of diseases that require longer treatment, treatments can be carried out more often and longer than in a health center. The home magnetotherapy device can serve not only you, but the whole family, providing comprehensive health support whenever you need it.

Magnetotherapy contraindications

According to the current legislation, the magnetotherapy device is not recommended in the case of pregnancy, cancer, active pulmonary tuberculosis, type I diabetes, hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal bleeding, severe infections, the presence of electronic implants (including a pacemaker).