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Electric body shavers are quick and painless depilation body surface whenever you need it.

If you care about the speed of the procedure and you want to avoid painful irritation, choose a rotary shaver with 4 heads!

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Electric shavers are a type of razor that uses an electric motor to rotate the cutting blades. This movement is usually perpendicular to the skin but can also be circular. The blades are often made of stainless steel and coated with mineral oil to help them glide smoothly over the skin.

Depending on the power source, we distinguish between stationary and portable shavers. Portable electric shavers, thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, are a great way for quick daily care, wherever you need it.

Electric shaver - which one to choose?

If you want quick and thorough care without the risk of irritation, an electric shaver with three rotating heads will definitely work for you. Thanks to this structure, the device perfectly adapts to every plane, hitting places where other devices have no chance.

Additionally, you don't have to worry about scrapes and cuts on your skin which can lead to infections and unsightly-looking skin irritations.

Ladies shavers

Shaving is a process that keeps many women awake at night. Usually associated with regular, arduous work that consumes a lot of time and valuable time. The right shaving tool is extremely important as choosing the wrong one can lead to skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

The market is saturated with all kinds of shaving tools, however, to get the results you want, it's worth targeting women's shavers. They are designed for gentle care, which makes them perfect for the care of even the most sensitive areas, such as the bikini area and armpits.

Ladies shavers can work both wet and dry, which means you can use them in the shower without worrying about electric shock.

Body shaver - what is it?

Shaving your body with a regular razor can take a long time and unfortunately does not usually turn out to be as accurate as you expect. That is why the body shaver was created, which is a universal tool in the fight against unnecessary hair on the entire surface of your skin.

A body shaver easily removes unwanted hair and is much safer for your skin than scissors, a disposable razor or a razor.

The first thing to consider before choosing the right shaver is what it is for. If you want to shave sensitive areas such as the bikini area, electric shavers are by far the best choice.

Women's razors

In the past, women were not allowed to use sharp objects to shave their legs or armpits because it was considered too dangerous, but today, luckily, manners have changed and, thanks to advances in technology, much safer personal care tools such as women's razors are available.

Women's razor, and men's? What are the differences between them?

In most cases, women's hair differs significantly from men's hair - women's hair is often thinner and the skin is thinner, which requires much more delicacy. Thanks to a specially developed design, the women's razor thoroughly removes excess hair without risking irritation.

Electric razor. Which one to choose?

The electric razor provides incredible convenience and time savings compared to a manual razor, and thanks to the battery and water resistance, you can use it even in the shower without the risk of electric shock, because the voltage with which they work is completely safe.

Choosing the right electric razor may seem difficult, but having clearly defined needs, we can make it much easier. If your skin is sensitive, a foil shaver may be your best choice as it glides gently to reduce the risk of possible irritation.

If your main selection is time, the best electric razor will be a rotary razor.

Intimate razors

Intimate razors such as electric shavers with rotating heads or foil shavers are perfect for the care of the bikini area. A specially profiled head and a protective cap make them safe for your skin, and thanks to the waterproof housing and battery power, you can safely use them in the shower.