Hybrid vaporizer, hybrid vaporizers

A hybrid vaporizer is a device that uses the advantages of both heating systems - conduction and convection.

This means that the hybrid vaporizer heats the herbs with both hot air and the walls of the heating chamber, thus instantly warms up i generates heavy clouds.

Now the best portable hybrid vaporizer in our offer it Storz & Bickel Mighty +.

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Showing 1–16 of 19 results

Hybrid vaporizer, hybrid vaporizers - shop, price

Hybrid, convection or conduction vaporizer?

Before buying the right device, many people wonder whether to choose a hybrid, convection or conduction vaporizer? The answer to this question is not so simple. However, in order to answer this question, we should first know the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. This will allow us to choose the device for individual needs. So let's take a closer look at each type of vaporizer.

Convection vaporizer

Convection vaporizer is a relatively new technological solution, but since it appeared, it has permanently dominated the vaporizer market. These devices are so efficient that it is not difficult to understand why they are gradually replacing other vaporizers.

A convection vaporizer is a device that heats CBD hemp with hot air flowing through it. The dried fruit does not have direct contact with the heating element, which brings many benefits. A convection vaporizer has a heating element usually tucked close to the air inlet - usually at the bottom of the device. Upon reaching it, the air heats up to the set temperature and then is sucked into the drying chamber.

Convection technology causes that the heated air, flowing through the herb, evenly heats it, maintaining a constant temperature on its entire surface, thus minimizing the risk of overburning the herb.

Thanks to this, the obtained steam retains much less undesirable tar substances, and also tastes much better than the one generated by conduction vaporizer. This is why most users choose a convection or hybrid vaporizer. Of course, a convection vaporizer has its advantages and disadvantages.

Convection vaporizer advantages

  1. Better taste of the generated steam

    As we have already mentioned, the use of hot air as a heat carrier allows for even heating of the herbs, and thus avoiding overburning of the chamber contents. The mist obtained in this way has very good taste properties, and at the same time it contains much less tar than what can be generated by a conduction vaporizer.

  2. More economical on "material"

    The air heated by a convection vaporizer has a similar temperature over the entire surface, therefore the herbs are heated evenly over the entire surface. Thanks to this, we can keep much more active substances, such as the cannabinoids contained in cannabis. Of course, in this case, the key is the right temperature selection for a given herb. For dried hemp CBD, the appropriate temperature is in the range of 180-190 degrees Celsius. It is then delicate in taste, and at the same time retains most of the available active ingredients.

  3. Low chance of burning the herbs and reducing the amount of undesirable substances.

    A convection vaporizer generates a path of air at a constant temperature, which means a much lower risk of overburning, and therefore cleaner steam.

  4. Less intense steam smell

    Convection vaporizer generates smoke-free steam, so its smell is so delicate that you can use it even at home without fear of being saturated with the smell of all nearby fabrics.

Convection vaporizer of the defect

  1. Device performance slower

    As a convection vaporizer has a much longer path of air flow through the device, heat losses are relatively higher. This means that the maximum operating time of a convection vaporizer is usually shorter than that of a conduction vaporizer.

  2. Longer warm-up time

    Lower efficiency of the device means longer drying time of the herbs. So when choosing a convection vaporizer, you should wait about 30 seconds for the first breath.

  3. Less precise temperature control

    As the heating element is usually distant from the drying chamber, we do not have a direct influence on the temperature inside it, because it may fluctuate depending on how intensely we breathe the air through the device. Therefore, in order to keep the value as close as possible, it is recommended to keep slow and long inhalations.

Conductive vaporizer

A conduction vaporizer is definitely a simpler solution, which makes it usually cheaper than a convection vaporizer. In its case, the heating element acts directly on the walls of the chamber, thanks to which the herb is quickly heated to the desired temperature. A conduction vaporizer usually generates much more abundant clouds with a more distinct taste and smell, which means that it has quite a lot of followers.

As the temperature is mainly generated on the walls of the chamber, its value in the central part often remains lower. Therefore, in order to burn out the entire contents of the chamber, it is required to regularly mix its contents or set a suitably higher temperature, which may be associated with a much greater risk of overburning, as well as more undesirable substances.

Conductive vaporizer advantages

  1. Fast warm-up time

    Due to the close contact between the herbs and the heating element, a conduction vaporizer heats up much faster than a convection vaporizer, which is why a good-quality conduction vaporizer requires only 20 seconds to warm up.

  2. Longer working time on full charge

    A conduction vaporizer has a long operating time when fully charged, often up to 3 hours.

  3. Precise temperature control

    The close distance between the drought and the heater allows us to very precisely adjust the temperature of the heating chamber, often with an accuracy of 1 ° C. However, in order to maintain such a precise temperature on the entire surface, due to the design of the vaporizer, it may be necessary to mix the herbs.

Defect conduction vaporizer

  1. It is not possible to postpone the session

    The heating chamber of a convection vaporizer, regardless of whether it is made of stainless steel or ceramic material, remains warm after the device is turned off, constantly releasing active substances from the herbs.

    In the case of a convection vaporizer, the contents of the chamber should be used once, otherwise all its properties may escape to the atmosphere.

  2. Higher risk of drought burning

    Conduction vaporizer is associated with a high risk of burning the herbs, especially in the places where it meets the heating chamber, where the temperature is relatively higher.

  3. Worse taste and more intense vapor smell

    In the case of overburning of the herbs on the walls of the chamber, smoke is released from it along with undesirable tar substances.

  4. Less active substances

    As the temperature is not uniform over the entire surface of the chamber, there is a risk that some of the active substances of the herb will be lost due to excessively high temperature.

    To avoid this, it is not recommended to exceed the temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.

Hybrid vaporizer

The producers, aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both a conduction and a conduction vaporizer, have come to the conclusion that the perfect solution is somewhere in the middle, so they decided to combine both heating methods.

It was due to this idea that it was created hybrid vaporizerwhich has a faster heating time than a convection vaporizer, a much better vapor flavor than the one produced by a conduction vaporizer and a much more homogeneous temperature inside chambers.

Due to a more complicated structure and much better parameters, a hybrid vaporizer is usually the most expensive alternative to vaporizers with other heating methods.

Hybrid vaporizer advantages

  1. Fastest warm-up time

    The use of both technologies means that a hybrid vaporizer heats up the fastest among all heating methods.

  2. Optimum working time on full charge

    A hybrid vaporizer has an optimal working time on full charge, which is longer than that offered by a convection vaporizer, but shorter than that offered by a conduction vaporizer.

  3. More precise temperature control

    By heating the herbs with hot air and the heating chamber, the herbs are evenly heated, allowing you to adjust the temperature more precisely than in a convection vaporizer.

Disadvantage hybrid vaporizer

  1. The vapor tastes worse than a convection vaporizer

    As a hybrid vaporizer is still used to heat up the wall of the heating chamber, it can still get burnt in places where it is in contact with the herbs, which results in a worse vapor flavor than a 100% convection vaporizer.

  2. Lower battery efficiency compared to a conduction vaporizer

    A hybrid vaporizer uses relatively more energy than a conduction vaporizer, so its operating time when fully charged is relatively shorter.

What's the best hybrid vaporizer?

Hybrid VaporizerAlthough 4 years have passed since the debut of the Mighty model, it is still considered by many to be the best hybrid vaporizer.

From the very first minutes of using the device, we are delighted with the vapor flavor that is comparable to that of stationary vaporizers.

By using this iconic model, you will also be surprised by its amazing performance. Two powerful batteries generate a total of 6600mAh capacity, which allows for up to 90 minutes of continuous operation of the device.

It also uses a quick charge function, thanks to which you can charge the device to 80% in just 40 minutes.

Mighty vaporizer has been equipped with a large, readable, color OLED display with which we can check all key parameters such as the current operating temperature and battery status.

Thanks to the combination of two heating technologies - convection and conduction, the device needs only 60 seconds to warm up and generates very abundant clouds.

Particularly noteworthy is the heating chamber made of heat-resistant glass, which is easy to clean and provides a high-quality mist.

The housing of the device has been designed to additionally cool the flowing clouds, further improving the taste of the generated steam.

All these properties make the Mighty vaporizer take the first place in it ranking vaporizer.