Muscle electrostimulators - TENS EMS massagers

TENS EMS electrostimulators use low voltage current to stimulate the muscles and reduce pain impulses.

TENS EMS massagers are therefore used for such ailments as: menstrual pains, postpartum pains, postoperative pains, joint pains, neck pains, back pain, rheumatism.

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Muscle electrostimulators, TENS EMS massagers Online Store

TENS EMS electrostimulators are devices that enable electrostimulation using two methods - TENS and EMS, it is an effective way to reduce pain and improve the functions of selected muscle groups in your body. Properly used, it can reduce the time needed to recover from an injury or stroke. Thanks to direct nerve stimulation, it can also counteract the effects of serious diseases such as induration scattered.

TENS EMS electrostimulators Currently, they are also gaining recognition among people with chronic pain, pregnant women and athletes who are looking for more effective methods to increase training efficiency.

TENS electrostimulators

TENS electrostimilators (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) send low-amplitude electrical impulses to peripheral nerves through small self-adhesive electrodes attached to the surface of our skin.

The impulses generated by the TENS electrostimulators affect the nervous system, reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain, further stimulating the body to produce natural painkillers - beta-endorphins.

Thanks to this comprehensive action, TENS electrostimulators are used for such ailments as: menstrual pains, postpartum pains, postoperative pains, joint pains, neck pains, back pain, rheumatism.

EMS electrostimulators

EMS electrostimulators use for their action muscle stimulation (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a way to use high-frequency energy impulses that stimulate the muscles of your choice, tightening and relaxing them. Depending on the choice of the program, EMS electrostimulators may have an analgesic effect as well as improve the strength and range of movement of muscle fibers, which allows for a significant reduction in treatment time after injuries, and may also increase the effectiveness of strength training.

EMS currents generated by EMS electrostimulators, they cause muscle movements similar to those during massage, increasing blood circulation, relaxing the muscles, causing a state of deep relaxation. This allows you to reduce pain in selected parts of the body, as well as increase their efficiency.

Electrostimulation at home

Thanks to its small size and ease of application, electrostimulation at home is also possible. So by using muscle stimulators yourself, you can save time and money, because similar treatments are used in medical institutions, which are often expensive.

Electrostimulation at home with the use of an electrostimulator is an effective method to reduce pain and increase the efficiency of selected parts of the body whenever you need it!

Household electrostimulators

Household electrostimulators are devices that emit a low voltage electric current to stimulate muscles or nerves, usually to relieve pain. They are widely used in physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation in professional clinics, but thanks to the development of technology, now you can use TENS EMS massagers inside your home.

Household electrostimulators are devices used to stimulate the body with electricity. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes including pain relief, muscle stimulation, and healing.

Elektrostimulatory reviews

From our experience, the opinions about electrostimulators are very flattering, as evidenced by reviews collected on product pages and external websites.