Sonic toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush

The sonic toothbrush uses a carefully selected toothbrush micro-vibrations, thanks to which it effectively breaks even the most durable deposits from the surface of the teeth and tongue.

Its advantages are: high effectiveness w cleaning the interdental spaces, dental appliances, bridges, long working time on full charge, high brushing efficiency and low risk speeches irritation which makes it perfect for people with tooth hypersensitivity and kids.

For even better brushing results, we recommend it toothbrush paste sonic and tooth irrigators.

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Displaying all results: 11

Sonic toothbrushes, Sonic toothbrush - shop, price

Research shows that sonic toothbrushes break down up to 10 times more plaque than manual toothbrushes. All thanks to the technology based on micro-vibrations with a specially selected frequency, which instantly breaks down and removes plaque, restoring the teeth to their natural shine and fresh breath from the very first brushing!

When it comes to sonic toothbrushes, the online store offers a wide selection of them. They will allow you to take care of oral hygiene with even greater precision.

In our store you will also find accessories for sonic brushes, such as replacement heads for sonic brushes and others. When you buy in our store, you get a 24-month warranty and as much as 30 days for the return of the product.

Sonic brushes eliminate the problem of bleeding gums

The problem of bleeding gums affects many Poles. But what to do when this ailment also affects you? First of all, act and not take it for granted! One of the ways is sonic toothbrushes

The most common reasons bleeding gums are usually too strong brushing and build-up of tartar and plaque along the gum line i interdental spaces. A sonic toothbrush can eliminate both causes thanks to effective plaque and much more gentle care than manual toothbrushes.

Bacteria living in plaque formed along the gum line, using the sugars contained in food they produce acidswhich can irritate the gums and dissolve enamel, leading to inflammation, making it more prone to bleeding and weakening the structure of the teeth. Brushes sonic eliminate the problem of bleeding gums acting comprehensively for both reasons.

Thanks to the delicate micro-vibrations, the sonic toothbrush efficiently removes all impuritieswhile not irritating the gums.

Sonic brushes protect the teeth against premature falling out

One of the main factors causing premature loss teeth jest build-up of tartar and plaque in the vicinity of the periodontium. W the resulting sediment accumulate and pathogenic bacteria developthat can move deeper into the gingival pockets, forming pathological pockets, which can contribute to bone loss and loosening of the teeth. Solution? - sonic toothbrush

Sonic brushes they break down effectively i remove tartar and plaquewhich allows you to enjoy healthy teeth for much longer than when using a manual toothbrush.

Sonic brushes guarantee 30% shorter brushing time!

According to the dentists' recommendations, the time of brushing with a manual toothbrush should be about 3 minutes. Research shows that the vast majority of Poles do it far too shortly, creating a threat to their own development caries. Currently, research shows that this problem may affect up to 90% of Poles, placing us far behind Western countries.

Sonic toothbrush not only cleans teeth thoroughly but also important shortens the brushing time by up to 30%. Full brushing with a sonic toothbrush requires only 2 minutes, and thanks to two built-in timers, the device will inform you when to change the tooth group so that you pay equal attention to each tooth group.

Sonic toothbrush for children

A sonic toothbrush for children is a revolutionary way to maintain healthy teeth. It gently and effectively cleans the teeth, ensuring the best possible oral hygiene, forgiving the lack of practice of our children.

Sonic toothbrushes for children use sonic technology with a reduced number of vibrations per minute, so that brushing remains as pleasant as possible.

Sonic brushes for children have been designed to be effective, handy, and at the same time delight with their design

Sonic or electric toothbrush - what to choose?

Many people, before choosing a toothbrush, ask themselves the question “Sonic or electric toothbrush - what to choose?”. Unfortunately, there is no final answer to this question because each of them has its advantages and disadvantages being designed for a different group of customers.

Sonic toothbrush - advantages:

  • cleans the interdental spaces better than a rotating toothbrush,

  • creates a lower risk of gum irritation,

  • easier to use - requires less practice, which makes it safe even in the hands of the youngest users

  • enables teeth whitening,

  • up to a month of use on a full charge,

  • cleans bridges and orthodontic appliances well,

Sonic toothbrushes disadvantages:

  • less power - longer brushing time,

Electric toothbrush advantages:

  • high power - faster brushing time

  • cleans the outer surfaces of the teeth better

Electric toothbrushes disadvantages:

  • greater risk of gum irritation,

  • short working time on full charge,

  • requires more practice than a sonic toothbrush

Tips for sonic toothbrush

You will also find in our offer tips for sonic toothbrush smilesonic, philips sonic toothbrush heads and philips sonic toothbrush heads.

Philips sonic toothbrushes

Philips sonic toothbrushes are equipped with many advanced features that make it easy to brush your teeth without the need for a lot of work. With an app that allows users to keep track of their brushing habits, which means they can better understand what suits them and what doesn't.

Philips sonic toothbrushes are a perfect example of how artificial intelligence is changing the world of dentistry. They can detect when your brush head needs to be replaced, and can also determine how much plaque is left on your teeth.

Philips sonic toothbrushes are also equipped with Bluetooth technology, so you can connect them to Alexa or Google Home for voice control.

Seysso sonic toothbrushes

What is Merka Seysso? Seysso is a company that focuses on developing high-quality oral care products. They created the world's first sonic toothbrush and other innovative products such as electric toothbrushes and tooth irrigators.

Seysso sonic toothbrushes are a new technology that has permanently changed the way you brush your teeth. Thanks to the unique technology of the Seysso brand, you can clean your teeth even more effectively and less time-consuming without fear of irritation.

Seysso sonic brushes have been designed so that they can be used by people with orthodontic appliances and dental bridges,

Smilesonic sonic toothbrushes

Sonic toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush

Smilesonic sonic brushes are devices with a London pedigree which, although they came to the market of sonic toothbrushes relatively late, have permanently changed this market thanks to high quality products and an ideal price-quality ratio.

Eye-catching design, high power, a wide range of colors of products, high reliability and great after-purchase support are the company's uncompromising business cards.

Currently, Smilesonic's offer includes both sonic toothbrushes and wireless irrigators, which are distinguished by an unrivaled large capacity of water tanks. This allows for complete oral hygiene with a single filling of the container.