Thermometer is a medical device used for body temperature measurement. It is an important diagnostic tool that enables health monitoring i assessment of the presence of fever or hypothermia.

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Thermometer is a basic medical device used for temperature measurement body. It quickly and accurately assesses temperature changes, helping to diagnose diseases and determine presence fever or hypothermia. This invaluable tool helps people monitor own health and seek medical help if necessary.

Various types of thermometers are now available, including:

  • Thermometers mercury these are traditional thermometers that contain a thin column of mercury in a sealed glass body. Temperature is measured by observing the shift of mercury on the temperature scale. Mercury thermometers are accurate, but due to the presence of mercury, they are being phased out of use for health and environmental reasons.

  • Thermometers electronic these are digital thermometers that use electronic sensors to measure temperature. Electronic thermometers are easy to use and give results quickly. They can be oral, axillary, rectal or non-contact (measured on the skin). Some electronic thermometers have audible or light indicators when the measurement is complete.

  • Thermometers contactless (infrared) measure infrared temperature by scanning the heat emitted by the body. They are comfortable and hygienic because they do not require direct contact with the skin. They are often used in hospitals, clinics and other places where quick and non-contact temperature assessment is required.

When taking a temperature with a thermometer, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for accurate results. It's also important to keep your thermometer hygienic, especially for oral, rectal or reusable thermometers that need to be properly disinfected.