Zeolite is an effective and natural solution in fighting environmental toxins. Zeolite Detox Activated is 2-6 microns which means it is the tiniest zeolite on the market. This is of great importance because this size is suitable for heavy metal absorption. In addition, he has a pharmaceutical cleanlinesswhich is controlled throughout the manufacturing process.

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Zeolite Detox Activated are products developed on the basis of zeolite - a mineral with an exceptionally porous structure, which, combined with fine granulation, enables a wide range of applications. It is the finest zeolite on the market with a granulation of 2-6 microns Due to the binding (adsorption) of heavy metals, i.e. mercury, lead, cadmium and ammonium, zeolite capsules can be used to reduce the amount of ammonium and heavy metals in the environment. Zeolite Detox is also a natural source of valuable minerals that are distinguished by their excellent purity. Zeolite Detox are effective detox capsules and a way to remove impurities from the surface.

Zeolite is one of the most important minerals on our planet. Zeolite Detox Activated is the finest zeolite on the market. It binds absorption, i.e. heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium) and ammonium, which is why it is used for detox and surface cleaning. Moreover, it is a natural source of important mineralswhich are of exceptional purity. Zeolite is a natural solution to environmental toxins.

Zeolite - history of use

Zeolites have been used by humans for centuries, with the earliest records of their use dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Zeolites are a group of naturally occurring minerals with a unique structure that gives them an impressively wide range of properties. They have been used for a variety of purposes, from water filtration to medicine and even as a building material.

They are now widely used in industrial applications such as water purification, air filtration and oil refining. Over the years, zeolite-based technologies have evolved, becoming more efficient and economical solutions for many industries. Currently, zeolites are used in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, water treatment systems, environmental protection, construction and many other activities, among others.

Zeolite Detox Activated - properties

  • effectively collects impurities from organic and synthetic surfaces,

  • fights environmental toxins,

  • reduces pollution by binding mercury and cadmium, ammonium and other heavy metals,

  • provides many essential minerals, especially silicon.

Note: This product is not classified as, food, dietary supplement or cosmetic.

The use and intended use are the responsibility of the buyer.

Zeolite - application

Zeolite Detox Activated has specific structural features, which is why it is used as molecular sieves, which in turn allow drying solvents and dividing various types of substances and mixtures. Other popular uses of zeolite:

  • used as a drying agent for the purification of gases and wastewater - I perfectly capture lead ions, zinc, mercury and copper, as well as radioactive isotopes,

  • used in various branches of the chemical industry, e.g. during the production of washing powders (it is an ingredient that softens water),

  • in the production of fertilizers,

  • it is a feed additive for animals in the food industry,

  • it is a good raw material for the production of cement, lightweight aggregates and paper,

  • thanks to the neutralization of ammonia and phosphates, it can be used in aquarium filters,

  • contributes to the accelerated drying process in dishwashers,

  • used in oxygen concentrators.

The highest quality zeolite!

Zeolite Detox Bentonite Powder for detoxification and cleansing is a product that has been manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485 quality standards, which is a guarantee of pharmaceutical purity, controlled throughout the manufacturing process. In the case of zeolites, this is extremely important because it absorbs substances from the environment that are positively charged, i.e. bacteria, viruses, fungi, heavy metals, ammonium compounds etc.

1 gram of activated and micronized zeolite has a surface area of ​​25-100 grams of ordinary zeolite.